Sapropeat Uni:

A biologically active product aimed at rectifying soil health. This unique product is based on sapropel and peat. Peat is formed on the surface of marshes, enabling aerobic decomposition of organic substances, whilst sapropel or lake silt, is the bottom sediment of fresh water lakes formed under anaerobic conditions.
Benefits of Sapropel: Contains no weeds No pathogenic micro flora Rich in micro-organisms that are good for your soil Effects are seen immediately Anti-leaching effect Rich in humic acid.
Trial Reports: Sapropeat Uni has been tested internationally and locally on various applications.
The results showed: Sapropeat Uni increases the uptake of macro elements as well as micronutrients including zinc, molybdenum and boron Sapropeat Uni has a significant positive effect on biomass production.
Biologically Active Ingredients: nitrogen-fixing and nitrifying bacteria; saprophytic, sugarand and mycorrhizal fungi; natural water-soluble vitamins: carotene (provitamin A), B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E, C, D, P and folic acid; natural water-soluble amino acids: histidine, glutamic acid, glycine, valine, arginine, aspartic acid, alanine, serine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, lysine, methionine, threonine, cystine; natural enzymes: catalase, peroxidase, reductase, protease; humic complex: Humic Acids, Fulvic Acid; Organic Matter (OM) not less 82%; Nitrogen (N) not less 12 000 mg/kg; Phosphorous (P) not less 1000 mg/kg; Potassium (K) not less 600 mg/kg; Organic Carbon (C) not less than 40%; Major mineral elements - Si, Ca, Al, Fe; PH 5.5 - 6.5 (according client requirement); Microelements: Mn, Cu, B, Zn, I, Mg, Cr, Ag, Sn, Ba, Ti, Br, Mo, V, Be and others.
Free of added hormones, radionuclides, urban solid and liquid wastes, garbage, and industrial factory wastes as well as Sapro Agro Soil Conditioner does not contain weed seeds; Restores soil fertility, improves soil structure; Increases cropping capacity by 40-100%; Eliminates the growth of pathogenic nematodes; Increases soil moisture content by 4-5 times, provides great saving of water for irrigation; Neutralizes available in the soil excessive concentrations of radionuclides, heavy metals, pesticides and chemical fertilizer salts; Improves products taste, increases vitamin content in vegetables, fructose content in fruit; Sapropeat Uni fungi help increase the accumulation of humic-acid rich organic matter that is resistant to degradation and may stay in the soil for hundred of years.